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    Aloe Vera Gel (50) ml


    A useful addition to your first aid kit – has many beneficial uses

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    Arnica Cream (50) ml


    Aids healing of bruises – a must have for the first aid kit

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    Bitter-bite Naturally


    Stops animals from chewing either themselves or furniture – Available in 250ml or 500ml

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    Ear Eeze


    A non-toxic ear cleaner – Available in 100ml, 200ml and 500ml

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    Ear Mites (15) ml


    Natural ear drops – will kill Mites that inhabit the Ears

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    Ear-it (50) g


    Contains Chamomile powder, Oak bark & starch. An effective ear cleaner.

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    Euphrasia Eye Drops (15) ml


    Homeopathic sterile preparation with a natural extract of Euphrasia

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    Kennel Cleaner Concentrate (1000) ml


    An anti-bacterial kennel cleaner

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    Talcleanse Powder (80) g


    A fine powder infused with Allentoin to help cleanse the skin